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Vancouver + Ucluelet Salmon Fishing Report. June 4, 2016


We have been experiencing some fantastic local Vancouver salmon fishing over the weeks.  We are hooking some BIG fish and piles of healthy smaller chinook and coho.  I cant remember a time when the local, Howe Sound, Bowen and Harbour fishing has been this good for for May and June.  We are usually fishing the mid strait and putting in lots of time to locate the schools of chinook but we have been fishing more structure the last few weeks.  I believe this is due to the large amount of anchovy and herring in local waters.  Warm water has pushed anchovy in huge numbers into the Vancouver area, especially into Howe Sound.  This has drawn big numbers of chinook to the area and they are not leaving due to the abundance of food.















We have been having most of our success on Gibbs and Lure Charge spoons in a variety of colours but the green/white glow, 3-4″ spoons have been doing well.  Anchovy and herring in glow and UV teaser heads has produced lots of fish as well.  The best depths have been 30′-90′ on the down riggers.

The last few week we have been fishing very close to the rocks along Bowen and hooking fish as shallow as 30′ which is always a lot of fun.  Thrasher and Gabriola Island has been fishing well most days but the NW and SE winds have made it difficult to get over there consistently.  We have a few trips going over this week so we will have a good report soon.














The fishing is good and heating up each day in Ukee. We are on the water most days and finding lots of hard fighting chinook and the odd halibut.  We are expecting massive numbers of chinook this summer and the run has just begun.

We have been fishing the outer islands of the Broken Group and Lighthouse Bank with good success the last week. As the weather dictates we will remain on the outer banks to intercept the massive schools of feeding chinook.  If the winds don’t allow us offshore we have some awesome structure to fish out of the wind within the islands.

These chinook are not fussy, so most 3-4″ Gibbs and Silver Horde spoons as well as a variety of Yamashita hoochies in green/blue, green/brown, and some glow variations are working well. When fishing over 150′ we will use some glow patterns but the water clarity is much better on the west coast so there is not much need for them.  Traditional colours work just as good. We are catching all our halibut on the troll for chinook along the gravel bottom up to 250′.










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