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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report. Sept 29, 2015


The salmon fishing continues to be great here in local Vancouver waters. As a matter of fact, we have had exceptional Chinook fishing since December. If the amazing chinook fishing we had over on the west coast of the island this summer is any indication, we will continue to see great fishing for several more weeks. Sandheads and Iona continue to produce good numbers of salmon on most tides. Herring and anchovy behind glow flashers with 5-7′ leaders is the best choice but white and blue, glow hoochies are also taking a bunch of fish. High and low slack tides are producing the best bites as usual so plan your outing a few hours before and after each tide change for the most success. We are also getting a few coho as well lately and these numbers will increase as we start to see the Vedder, Chehalis and Harrison coho show up early October. Further south towards the Coal ports can be dynamite for coho action late September and October. A variety of green, blue or white hoochies will take coho any time and anywhere.











West Vancouver shoreline and in particular the mouth of the Capilano River is also kicking out some good catches of chinook on the flooding tide but the last few days it has been very slow. This will change significantly as we get later in the month and into October. Herring and anchovy trolled very close to the bottom is the best way to intercept these Cap chinook but we got quite a few last year in shallower water. It can be very busy in front of the Cap especially on the weekends so don’t be afraid to go shallower and further away from the Cap to find fish. A large volume of boat traffic will scatter the fish into deeper water and often into shallow water.

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Tidal Portion Sturgeon Fishing Report:

We have had great Sturgeon fishing the last month in various spots from our dock in Richmond up to the Langley area. We were out for a short 5 hour trip this week and we landed 16 sturgeon all over 6 feet. Pink salmon parts and roe bags are the ticket. There is no need to go way up the Fraser river where most of the jet boats go for excellent sturgeon fishing. You will almost always have the river to yourself, often incredible fishing and with out all the boat traffic and shallow water hazards. Prop boats are safe below the Mission bridge and the fishing is exceptional this time of year.

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