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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report. May 1, 2020

Well, it looks like we will be able to get back on the saltwater for fishing charters over the next few weeks.  This is just in time for some of the hottest chinook fishing of the year.  Fishing has been very good around Bowen Island and in the Vancouver harbour over the last 3 weeks. We have also had some great days fishing very close to our dock at the North arm, QA and Bell Buoy .

I was out with my family last week for 3 hours and we got into dozens of fish in the 3-6lb range and 2 chinook in the 12-15lb range. We were fishing 140’ in the harbour with spoons. The week before on a solo trip into the harbour, I lost track of how many fish I released. The slack tide was awesome where I landed 3 gorgeous chinook between 10-15lb. There was non stop action between tides on smaller fish. I took my limit of BC Spot prawns and Dungeness crab.

We are noticing lots of undersize chinook hitting the gear on the flooding and ebbing tides then once the tide goes slack, the bite turns on fast and furious for bigger fish.  The Hump (mid straight), Nanaimo and Gabriola Island are also very good right now and will just get better in June and July.  Ling cod and rock fish have opened for retention on the island. This is a great opportunity on our 8 and 10 hour trips. We have also had a very good coho fishing the last few years in the month of June in local waters. Last year we had 3 weeks of amazing coho fishing off Bowen Island and we are expecting another good run this June. You are able to harvest 2 hatchery coho per angler.  These coho were not the smaller Capilano fish we typically see in July but perhaps they were Washington state bound coho. In July we will then start to target returning Capilano coho along the West Van shoreline and off Stanley Park. When we target coho, we typically find them higher up in the water column between 30’ – 90’. Spoons in the 3” – 4” sizes in shades of blue, green, silver and copper work very well. One of the best ways to catch coho however is with white UV hoochies behind UV flashers.  Don’t be afraid to increase your trolling speeds to 3 -3.5 mph as coho are very aggressive. You will be able to cover more water and they will have less time to think before they eat your offering. 

Ling Cod is open!

DFO has implemented catch & release for chinook until further notice. We are hoping they will come to their senses and start using the scientific data they have been provided that’sshows recreational anglers have next to no impact on any Fraser River chinook stocks of concern. We hope we will at least be able to harvest the hatchery chinook that DFO produces in their hatcheries. These chinook are solely created to sustain a harvest and it is nonsense we are not aloud to do so as they will not spawn. There is open, on-gong dialogue with DFO and I hope we will perhaps see an opening in June but most likely not until August 1 like last summer. This obviously does have a huge impact on our business but we do feel there is still great value in a day on the water catching, photographing and releasing salmon with your family and friends.

Releasing lots of these hatchery beauties.

This is a great time to be out on the water and now that restrictions are going to be eased a bit, take this opportunity to get out with the family for some salmon fishing. Government agencies are asking people to stay closer to home this summer so this is a great opportunity to do that and support local fishing charter companies. For those boaters and new saltwater anglers wanting to learn how to salmon fish here in Vancouver, there is no better way to learn than to hire a professional guide to show you the locations, tackle and techniques to catch salmon year round here in Vancouver. We get asked a lot through out the year for this service both on our boats and on owners boats so please don’t hesitate to call for more information. 

This is what it’s about. Family time together

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