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Our winter chinook salmon season is upon us and the start of the season has been very promising.  We have had lots of action on our charters in December and early January. We are already off to a much better start than last year and the fishing last winter was good.  Again this year we are offering 5 hour and 8 hour charters at significantly reduced rates until May 1 on our fantastic Grady White Gulfstream charter boat.  All charters include guided salmon and crab fishing and all the equipment required.  Our winter season offers some of the most consistent weather patterns which makes for calm seas and a wonderful way to spend the day.

The best part of winter fishing is the lack of crowds, amazing scenery of snow capped mountains, the Vancouver sky line and the cool, crisp winter air.  Winter feeder chinook salmon are in our opinion the tastiest salmon of the year.  The salmon fishing can be excellent and the crab and prawn fishing is the best of the year.  Our popular 5 hour charters are a great way to spend half day but we highly recommend the 8 hour charter as this gives us more time on the water and the ability to go where we want to go to chase chinook.  It also gives us the chance to drop both crab and prawn traps if weather permits.

$399+GST   1-3 angler
$475+GST   4 anglers

$699+GST   1-3 anglers
$775+GST   4 anglers

Fishing licences, guide gratuity, food and beverages not included

As usual we have been targeting winter chinook in the Vancouver harbour on our 5 hour charters and often ending an 8 hour charter there as well.  Bowen island has been producing fish for us as well, especially at Cape Roger Curtis and Tunstall Bay.  Deep into Howe sound has been productive at Grace Island and Defence.
When fishing the harbour,  Pt. Grey, Jericho, Capilano river mouth and around the freighters can be fantastic for winter fishing.  We are seeing excellent amounts of bait there and the fish we are bringing on board are full of herring.   3-4″ spoons such as the Gibbs Skinny G, Silver Horde Herring Aid and Lure Charged spoons in various colours are producing well behind Gibbs flashers.  We are not finding any particular spoon or flasher colours to be producing better than others. Glow and UV shades are a great choice but not necessary when fishing shallower than 100′.  The key is fish your gear within 20′ of the bottom and fish it with confidence.  Cover lots of water and you will eventually find fish.  Don’t expect fast and furious results all the time in winter, but sometimes you find a good pocket of actively feeding fish and before you know it, you have a limit in the box.  We have also had some good success lately with a naked 4″ Tomic plug in shades of white and green fished near bottom.  This is such a fun way to hook salmon with no drag of a flasher. We often add an anode to our hooks to give our lures the positive charge that live bait has.
Tip:  I often notice many anglers trolling around using downriggers with too much slack in their lines running from the rod tip to the release clip.  Put your line deep into the release clip and don’t be afraid to wind down hard into it so that your rods look like they are straining a bit.  This will allow you to gather up the line slack faster after a fish pulls the line from the release clip. Your rod tips are also much more sensitive to the light bites of the large amounts of under size fish out there.  How many times have you cleared your gear to find a 8″ chinook, coho or a flounder attached and barely alive.  You wont notice these light strikes if you don’t have your rods tight to the release clip.
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