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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report. January 2016

IMG_0164The last few weeks have been good for winter chinook fishing here in Vancouver and over on the island in Comox, Nanaimo and the south islands.  A 28lb. beauty was landed last week in Tunstall Bay and some big chinook from the island as well.  Fishing has been very good over at Porlier Pass with reports from our friends and colleagues of 12-20 fish days. We will be out on a scouting mission this weekend to test these reports. There has been good reports from the Coal Ports, West Van, deep in Howe Sound and around Bowen Island.  We have been out a few times on shorter charters inside the harbour the last week and have been hooking lots of under-size chinook with the odd nice, fat keeper in the mix.  Longer charters usually provide better results as we can fish multiple locations and further reaching hot spots. This ratio will change over the next few months as most of the ‘just under’ chinook will be legal fish by March and April. These winter chinook put on weight fast as there is massive amounts of herring out there and this means the chinook will stick around to feed and get fat, fast.
Results are best when we keep our gear as close to the bottom as possible and do not use too large of spoons and hoochies.  1.5″ to 3″ spoons will match the size of herring out there. Small squirts in green, blue, purple and white and small Tomic plugs in white, pearl and light greens will also work well this time of year.  No need for a flasher when trolling plugs, just keep it close to the bottom by dragging your cannon ball, once in a while in the sand/mud and the plug will work well.  Glow spoons are the most productive lures by far in the winter but UV and plain chrome, brass and silver spoons also work well trolling the shallower flats in the harbour and south of the Fraser mouth. Troll a bit faster than normal as these fish are aggressively feeding and a darting and active presentation will cause more strikes than if they have too much time to inspect the presentation.
Crab and prawn fishing is good.
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