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January Fishing Report

Its been a very good start to this years winter chinook fishery here in Vancouver and Howe Sound. Usually we don’t see as many keepers in December and January as we’ve seen so far. There is no doubt still lots of shakers and undersize chinook out there so release these fish with care as they will be late winter and next years keepers.
There is a tremendous amount of feed out there including herring, anchovy and perch. This is both a good and bad sign for anglers. It is a great indication of the overall health of the local ecosystem that the bait biomass is large but it also means the salmon are eating well so they can be fussy.
Of course, covering lots of water, fishing close to the bottom are key but more importantly, being on the water during the slack tide is most important. The bite is usually best between an hour before and and hour after the slack tide and it can be a quick one.
Small spoons in the 2.5″-3.5″ range are fishing best but hoochies and small plugs are taking fish too. Low profile spoons are the key as the bait is small this time of year.
Feel free to contact us or Freds Custom Tackle to get an accurate report and find out whats working.
Tip: Its been cold lately so make sure you warm both your main engine and kicker well before you depart. These high RPM engines do not do well running cold for long. There are not many boats out there this time of year so getting stranded up Howe Sound would not be fun.
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