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January 5, 2015 Winter Chinook update

We were out fishing the Nanaimo area this week with great results for prawns and mixed results for chinook.  We had 3 solid hits but only managed to land one undersized chinook on  Monday trolling of Five Fingers islands.  Our associates were out the day before and hooked 12 in the same area.  We only got a few hours in as the wind and rain chased us back to the harbour.   We did not notice much bait around the area that day, but this changes daily. As the waves of bait come in and out of the area the chinook follow.

The prawn traps were full with well over 500 in a short 6 hour soak.

The fishing can be excellent this time of year on the Gulf Islands and Nanaimo.  Call us for details and book your winter chinook fishing trip.



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