Pursuit Sport Fishing
1-604-997-0322    19-46808 Hudson Road, Chilliwack, B.C. Canada V2R0L4
Pursuit Sport Fishing is owned and operated by Dan MacLeod.

I am a proud B.C. boy who grew up fishing Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Fraser Valley.  I have been guiding anglers and hunters in B.C. and Manitoba professionally since 2000 and I am an acitve airline transport pilot.

I operate a 23′ Grady White Gulfstream charter boat in Vancouver and utilize a fleet of custom jet boats on the Fraser River.  My team of guides and associates in Vancouver and on the Fraser River are the most respected and knowledgeable guides and anglers anywhere on the west coast.  Our catch rates are some of the highest in the province and our customer service is the best.  You can trust our safety record is perfect and we are Transport Canada certified and insured.

All of us at Pursuit Sport Fishing are honest, ethical and skilled outdoorsman with a passion for fishing.  My sole objective is to become a trusted and sought after fishing charter company here in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I work with a great team of talented and passionate guides at Pursuit Sport Fishing and we all work hard each and every fishing charter to ensure our guests have the time of their life.

Dan MacLeod

Come join me on a fishing adventure and you will see why Pursuit Sport Fishing is your best choice.

Contact me for more details about all of our sport fishing adventures or for an accurate fishing report.


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